You're A Wonder
Blade Runner (1982)

So finished the movie, and aside from spectacular cinematography (which holds up for the most part despite being 30 years old), there’s nothing special about this movie. The plot is problematic, the characters are bland at best and heinous at worst, some of them seem thrown in for the sake of an action plot. I like synth and I’m willing to forgive the past for its choices, but I would never ever buy this soundtrack. It helps set the futuristic tone, but that’s all. The music doesn’t influence the mood of the events or characters, which is why it helps the movie fall flat compared to Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. I wish Scott had taken the time to take even one of the themes from the book and fully explore, then maybe I would believe the 92% fresh rotten tomatoes rating and 88% metacritic rating (as well as all the shameless attempts by fanboys and fangirls to explain why it deserves to be a classic and was ahead of its time). But as it is now, it falls short, and if I ever see it on someone’s best list or top 100 movies, I will go rage in a corner.